What is an Access Code?

Jonathan Yagel -

What are Access Codes for?

Access codes are unique 6 digit codes that give you access to your company's private Spire organization. Often times these Access Codes are unique even between individuals as they can give access to specific teams. Many companies create departmentally based teams and each department will have a different Access Code to make sign up simple.


Where do I get an Access Code?

Your manager or designated Spire Admin at your company should be able to give you the proper Access Code. Often times there is a welcome email or packet that contains the unique code for your department/team.  If you are unable to locate your code, shoot us an email at hello@spire.me and we will happily help you get the proper access. Please be sure to include in your email the company you work for and your department/team.


Where do I input my Access Code?

Access Codes are typically input at sign up. If you were able to sign up for Spire using a generic public Access Code, you can also input a new code from the Settings page on both the web and mobile apps. If a new Invite Only or Secret Team was created after your company launched with Spire, you would need to input this new code from the Settings page after logging in; no need to create a new account.


If you still have questions please feel free to reach out to us at hello@spire.me


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