What fitness devices can I use with Spire?

Jonathan Yagel -

Spire plays nicely with TONS of fitness bands and apps.  We can make it easy for you to track your fitness on whatever device you like and then view your results within Spire!

We offer direct integration with FitBit and Jawbone UP devices, as well as seamless integration with Apple Health and Google Fit.  This means that Spire can connect with the vast majority of fitness trackers out there.

Have a FitBit or Jawbone UP?

  • Click HERE for details.

Have a different device or app you want to connect to Spire?

Any fitness device or app that connects with either Apple Health or Google Fit is supported in Spire.

To link Spire with your favorite device do these 2 things:

  1. Ensure that sharing fitness stats with Apple Health or Google Fit is enable in the settings of your fitness device's app. 
  2. Ensure that you have enabled Spire to pull your fitness stats from Apple Health or Google Fit.


Here is a list of a few of our favorite fitness tracking devices:

(click the corresponding link for instructions)



Confused as to what Apple Health and Google Fit are? Click HERE for an explanation.

Having trouble connecting your device or app to Spire? Click HERE for some troubleshooting tips.

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