Someone just posted something that's inappropriate. Is there anything I can do about it?

Jonathan Yagel -

You betcha! We’re big on citizen justice on Spire, so we welcome your help in combatting nastiness. Spire is all about being accountable, and we believe that holds true for how we treat each other, just as it does for accomplishing great things. So, if you see something inappropriate, please flag it! On the web, when you hover your arrow over any post, you’ll see the flag right below the points banner.  

In the apps, click the comment button, then hit the Gear icon in the upper right and select “Flag post.” Confirm by hitting “Flag” again, and then Chester (or your Team admin) will swoop in and save the day!

If the inappropriate item is a comment, you can get to the “Flag” option in the apps by touching the High Five button.

On the web, a little flag icon will appear when you hover your mouse arrow over the comment—click it to alert the authorities!

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