How do I track fitness stats on Spire?

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Spire allows you to bring together all of your fitness data and view it in one place!  So whether you use a fitness band (like FitBit or Jawbone Up), an app (like Strava, MapMyFitness, or RunKeeper), or just keep it simple and use your phone as a tracker, Spire makes it simple to view all at once. So keep track of your fitness stats with Spire and share your accomplishments with your community!

The following fitness stats can be seen on both the web and your mobile device:
  • Steps
  • Active Calories
  • Time Active
  • Distance on Foot
  • Distance Cycled

There are various sources that these fitness stats can come from... So lets break it down and make it easy:

1) Straight from your pocket!
Any Android and iPhone 5s and newer can be used as a step tracker... SO odds are you already have a fitness tracker already with you!  Just make sure you have Spire set to share fitness data with Google Fit or Apple Health.
For more info:

  • Click HERE for iPhone details/instructions
  • Click HERE for Android details/instructions

2) FitBit / Jawbone
Spire offers direct integration with FitBit and Jawbone to allow Spire to automatically receive your fitness data straight from your favorite wearable!  After completing a one time setup anytime you sync your device with Fitbit or UP for Jawbone Spire will magically get all of your fitness accomplishments and display them on Spire!

  • For instructions on how to setup your FitBit or Jawbone with Spire click HERE.

3) Any app or device that syncs with Apple Health / Google Fit
Have a different fitness tracker other than a FitBit or Jawbone device? Or maybe you prefer to log your fitness activities using other apps... Good news! Because Spire syncs up seamlessly with Apple Health and Google Fit that means that any other device or app that communicates with Apple Health or Google Fit will automatically sync with Spire!  ​

  • For a more info click HERE
  • Confused as to what Apple Health and Google Fit are? Click HERE for an explanation.

4) Manual Input
Using an old school pedometer or bike computer? No worries! Spire fully supports manual entry of all fitness data. You are always in control of stats. Click HERE for more info on how to do this.


For the more visually oriented, here is a fun diagram that shows the various methods of tracking fitness stats on Spire: 

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