How do I find my friends / co-workers on Spire?

Jonathan Yagel -

Connecting, encouraging, and supporting friends and co-workers is what Spire is all about, and we want to make it simple for you to find them on Spire.  By joining Spire you are automatically placed in your private and unique organization.  One easy way to find your friends and co-workers is by exploring your home feed to see what accomplishments they have posted.  Cheer them on, give them a high-five, or reward their accomplishments.  

A more direct way to find your friends is by searching for them.

- On the web just click the magnifying glass icon in the top left of the page, type in their name, and click the icon again.

-On iPhone or Android go to the "Me" Tab, tap the magnifying glass, and search away. 


Still don't see them?  That means they haven't yet joined Spire, your job now is to encourage them to join in!  

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