How do I set up a Profile Picture?

Jonathan Yagel -

The Spire Community wants to see your smiling face! Here are the steps to easily add your photo to your profile.

From the Web:
1) Log into the spire site (
2) Click on “Profile” on the left side (beneath “Home”).
3) You are now on your main Profile page
4) On the right side of your Profile page, click the “Edit Profile” button.
5) You are now on your Settings page
6) You should see a button that says “Edit Picture” at the very top. Click that button.
7) You will then be able to choose a photo that is already saved to your computer.
8) Once you select a photo you should be good to go!

From an iPhone:
1) Launch and log into the Spire App
2) Select the "Me" tab on the bottom right.
3) Select the gear icon on the top right of the screen
4) Select the “Edit” button on the top right next to your name
5) Tap on the “Avatar” photo circle on the top left (you can also change your cover photo on this page if you like)
6) Select “Change Avatar”
7) Either select a photo from your photo album or take a fancy new selfie 
8) Select the check mark button and you are done!


From an Android Device:
1) Launch and log into the Spire app

2) Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner
3) Tap "Settings"
4) Tap the "Edit" button under the "Profile" section
5) Tap the "Update Picture" button
6) Either choose a photo from your gallery or take a fancy new selfie 
7) Tap "Save" on the Edit Profile screen and you are done!

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