The Basics

Jonathan Yagel -

What is Spire?

Spire is like a team. It's a bunch of people, working together toward a similar goal, cheering each other on.

Why should I use Spire?

You should join Spire because it's a community that will support you. Whether you're a super-successful athlete looking for the motivation to keep going, or someone who's just looking for the spark to walk out the door for that first-ever run, the good people of Spire will be there to root for you.

How did Spire Start?

The 'real world' can be a pretty lonely place. Our three founders figured that out pretty quickly, after spending a lot of time surrounded and uplifted by teammates on their college soccer teams. So, how do you bring the advantages of competitive sports to every-day life? Well, these days, it makes the most sense to have a digital team that you can take with you, anywhere. It's right in your pocket.

Part of any journey is where you are starting from, and for us, that's the Scenic City of Chattanooga, TN. If you're looking for great trail runs, delicious food, and America's fastest internet, come on by and we'll give you a tour.


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