What is Apple Health/Google Fit?

Jonathan Yagel -

Great question! It can get kind of complicated... So we will break it down to make it easy to understand:

A few quick facts:

  • Both Apple Health and Google Fit are built-in apps on either your iPhone or Android device.  
  • They act as a hub for storing and sharing fitness and health data.  Hundreds of devices and apps can read and write fitness and health metrics into Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • They can use the technology inside your phone to track some fitness metrics all on their own.
    • For Apple Health any iPhone 5s or newer can automatically track Steps, Distance on Foot, and Time Active. (Have an older iPhone? Click HERE)
    • For Google Fit any Android phone can automatically track Steps, Distance on Foot, Distance Cycled, and Active Calories Burned.

What this means for Spire:

Spire uses Apple Health and Google Fit as our primary source for fitness data. This means that by default Spire is going to receive the fitness data that is either tracked by your phone automatically or that is shared with Apple Health or Google Fit by another app or device.

*Be sure to enable Apple Health / Google Fit sharing in the settings of your favorite supported Devices/Apps

So you have lots of options for fitness tracking on Spire with the help of Apple Health and Google Fit. Here are a few of our favorites:



What about FitBit or Jawbone UP?

These are the two big boys in Fitness Tracking... And they don't play nice with Apple Health and Google Fit...
BUT we offer direct integration with both of these major device platforms. So it is even easier to connect Spire with two of the crowd favorites in fitness tracking.

For more info on setting up Spire to easily sync with FitBit or Jawbone click HERE

Have more questions about Fitness Tracking on Spire. Click HERE for more info.

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