What's the difference between 'Points to Give' and 'Points Earned' and 'Points to Spend' ?

Jonathan Yagel -

Although all those different points may look confusing, they're exactly what they sound like!

You get 400 'Points to Give' every day. Whether you give them away or not, you will always get a fresh batch, every morning. When you give away points to friends, you also get rewarded some points back for yourself too!

'Points Earned' is the total amount of points that you have earned over time.  Think of this as a trophy on the shelf; a running tally that will always go up, and never go down!

As you earn points, you can also spend them on Rewards by using your 'Points to Spend'. Think of this as your bank. You can spend these points on the awesome things you see right now in the Rewards Store, or stock up and wait for 
new Rewards, which are being released all the time.

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